Camberley, Surrey, England GU15 2LF





Tekels Park to be Sold to a Developer


Tekels Park is a 50 acre woodland estate near

Camberley, Surrey, England. It is a spiritual retreat,

a sanctuary for wildlife and has a consecrated

church. It is currently owned by the

Theosophical Society in England (Adyar)

who are selling the park to a developer.




The rush to sell Tekels Park to a developer appears to be based on dire figures but who, other than the leadership, has seen the relevant detailed financial information on which it is said that the decision to sell the Park is being made ?



The Theosophical Society membership isn’t exactly being bombarded with information about the sale. Does anybody know what’s happening and who’s doing what ?

Will anyone directly involved in the sale talk about it ?


Tekels Park has been the Theosophical Society’s Spiritual Home for decades and yet within the last year members are told that it now has to be dumped as quickly as possible and that no possible alternative can be considered.



Does anybody support the decision to sell Tekels Park ? Why is the sale being carried out quickly and quietly with no proper debate ?


Professional advice came out against selling Tekels Park in 2009. What were the details of this advice and why was it disregarded ?



Why hasn't the Theosophical Society in England thrown the issue open to suggestions and proposals from the membership ? There is no forum for debate on the TS England website even though this is the biggest issue facing the England Society for decades. The imperative seems to be to sell Tekels Park before anyone has a chance to argue, come up with alternatives or, in some cases, even hear about it.


St Francis Church on the Tekels Park Estate


The Thesophical Society leadership are negotiating some sort of deal by which Theosophical organisations will be able to use the park after it is sold. This may make the sale to a developer more acceptable to some members but is clearly a high risk strategy. In the event of any agreement not being maintained, the Society will be faced with the option of engaging in costly legal proceedings or moving out. There appears to be no strategy for the situation which might arise if the park were to be sold on to another owner.


Tekels Park can change hands any number of times.

Could an undertaking not to resell Tekels Park, or only

to resell with the agreements retained, be enforced ?

Has anyone thought of this ?




Theoversity Position Compromised

As Compassion for Animals Becomes

A Sensitive Issue


The Theoversity was established by the Theosophical Society in England (Adyar) in 2006 to promote Theosophical teachings. Compassion for animals was certainly therefore part of the Theoversity’s agenda. Developments at Tekels Park have compromised the Theoversity’s position.


How will the Theosophical Society in England reconcile the fate of the Tekels Park Wildlife with its long standing tradition of compassion for animals ? At present the Theoversity leadership is silent on the matter and venues away from Tekels Park have been hired even though the Theosophical Society in England’s leadership claim to be striking a deal with the development company to enable the Society to use Tekels Park after it has been sold.





Anybody There ?


Responses are hard to come by but here are the contact details for the owners of Tekels Park.


The Theosophical Society in England (Adyar)

50 Gloucester Place

London W1U-8EA


Tel 0207 563 9817




Please note that there is more than one Theosophical Society. Only the Theosophical Society with its headquarters at Gloucester Place, London is connected to Tekels Park. This is generally known as the Theosophical Society (Adyar) as its international headquarters are in Adyar, India.


The Theosophical Society administers the Tekels Park Estate through a limited company


The Tekels Park Estate Limited

4-6 Church Road, Burgess Hill,

West Sussex

RH15 9AE,



Tekels Park Eviction





In May 2013, a family of four who had been resident on the Tekels Park Estate for many years were evicted from their home because a Tekels Park Estate director decided that he wanted to live in their house.



From the Website Owner:- Dave Marsland


I am dedicated to the future of the Tekels Park animals and have created this website in support of saving them.


My main concern in posting information on this, and related websites, is to draw attention to the sale of the 50 acre sanctuary for wildlife to a property developer and the inevitable deaths of the animals by slaughter or habitat destruction.


The killing of the Tekels Park animals would be an obscenity and as a long standing student of Theosophy, I cannot turn a blind eye.


I maintain that the Tekels Park management and the Theosophical Society in England leadership have attempted to keep the fate of the Park and its wildlife from public attention and the attention of the Theosophical Society in England members.


Dave Marsland


You may contact me on davemarsland@walestheosophy.org.uk





Please pass this page on to others who

are concerned about the sale of Tekels Park

to a Developer





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